A touch of Your seeing

Even before the clay of creation was shaped by the hands of nothingness,
Your eyes were painted by eternity.
The Earth flirts with you from beyond the skies,
And this longing of merging with you meets the running tears on my face.

I fell in love with you and everything vanished. No mind, no beliefs, nothing remained.

I do not know anything; is this madness, or wisdom?
It just took a second. All my life, my entire world was only for this moment.
The moment you stoled the ‘eye’ from the depth of my eyes.

With the glory of your love, even satana came bowing at my feet,
being found it’s true essence and existence merged into one.
It was only me and your eyes. No fire, no clay;
I do not know anything about this madness, nothing about this wisdom.

I fell in love with your eyes which were beyond vastness, beyond belief, beyond intimacy,
and perhaps much more.

My love, the touch of your seeing was the beginning and end of the story.
All that remained was only my image in your eyes.

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